Sarah Smiles

You passed right in front of me, while I slept in bed, a dream of a memory, of things left unsaid. It could be I’m delinquent, on some emotion due, a writer of a story, of something I knew, so before this little puzzle gets torn, and tucked from view, Sarah, I’m going to tell the world, all about you.

In sapphire blue you entered a hue, your voice afar and distant and somehow you knew, a high holiday, trumpets at play, Rosh Hashanah, in stars. Older in view, eighty odd two, a Hebrew princess, Ms. Shar. Your glasses askew, your white hair like new, better than friends, you healed my scar. If every little picture that you wove that day, came out of my darkness, came out to play, a young man with a trouble, would just melt away at your smile. Sarah Smiles!

We call assisted living for the old and lame, a retirement ageing center is just a stage name, for where we tuck our elders to sleep and wait, till they die. Then we sigh. Something happened to me when I met you, Au Revoir to shadows with a future view, a mitzvah for my earthly views, all of lies, said goodbye, with your smile. Sarah Smiles!

A juncture in my life, where a habit dies, a thoughtless way of dreaming when I met her eyes, a new way of believing in the right divine, thought of time, old woman die. Not their eyes. Every Thursday evening by the strike of five, I find you royally sitting, with your flame filled eyes, we talk and sing together till your supper arrives, than goodbye. With a smile. Sarah Smiles!

It seems I dreamed the Pentateuch was living flame, its words came spilling over in your voice and name, and when I entered dawn, the thought still remained, of your mind, when you died, for you smiled. Sarah Smiles!

I know your sparks dance beyond this holiday, atonement soon arrives but for now the trumpets play, I eat my honeyed apples and your ghost sashays with a smile. Sarah Smiles!

For Sarah (Smiles) Shars – January 14, 1931 – September 4, 2013

09.23.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Sara Smile-Daryl Hall & Rumer (All rights Daryl Hall & John Oates)

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