Ecclesiastes flowing from her red lipped mouth, dripping into my fulfilled sea, wrapped her wet abundant joys, north to south, and spirit in my body free.  My muscles cannot utter or my eyes reveal, my hearing of your raptured pleas. What we do together has already been announced, approved under the sun repeatedly. Some will say we knew of love when we were young, touched by a generation free, I will say I took your wisdom in my mouth, it’s clear that G-D gave you to me. I cannot saturate you with an earthly power, my vanity it frustrates me. Vexation with your knowledge leads me to announce, I’m missing what only madness sees.

Ecclesiastes, poured herself out in joy and wine, she sucked, her moisture off of me.  Her pools of water laden with her pleasure swelled, a mixture that possessed my vanity. It seems that if I came to conquer all the world, and owned, the treasures of the seas, my toiling would be wisdom that is gained, in self, my eagerness for spoil, I could not keep. For if I gain my knowledge and I know her heart, and if I lay with her substantially, it will not be enough to know what’s of her flesh, I will in lust be never free. For of her knowledge in this bed I would know joy, with recognition that it’s temporarily. For occupation comes to one who knows no heart, a frustration built on vanity.

Ecclesiastes said, that I have given birth, a still-born child, birthed out of eternity.  I know that with our love I must first cast out, and watch it come back to me. For it is true that silence and a rip in time, brings about life’s prophecies. There is a happiness that dies and brings forth light, a hunger that is toiled received. When we are two together reaching loves full prime, we rise above our vanity.

Ecclesiastes takes me in an open field, her courage in her love I feed, we cannot characterize or write our names as one for in that would be vanity. She tells me fear this matter till the end of time, for it is judgment, based decreed. I’ll love you Ecclesiastes when life’s undone, and finished with all my pride and greed. – 08.20.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

4 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes

  1. This speaks to me of elusive balance. Torn between questioning too much or ignoring the questions. Either can be a madness within. Somewhere between the two, in simplicity, enacted with grateful love seems to settle the tumult.
    Your poetry sets me thinking but at 8a.m. I might not be thinking too straight! I’ll come back and read this later when my brain is fully awake. 🙂


  2. Unfortunately my very astute friend I believe you have already nailed this piece. It was late, and against my better judgment I put it up not being satisfied at all with it. To me it speaks of trying too hard to accomplish a feel that just leaves the reader confused, saying “I think that lad’s a bit wobbly”. 😉 I usually free write, and things just happen, no rhyme or reason, they just do. This one I thought about as I was laying down keystrokes, big mistake on my part. I am thinking about pulling it down and may be attempting a rewrite. I have never done that before, but may be this time. I might on the other hand leave it up just to bug me self and stay humble. 🙂 I really do appreciate your thoughts on my writing, and I appreciate reading your poetry as well. You have great talent. Shalom, Daniel


  3. Beautiful, Daniel.
    …and perhaps HaShem wanted you to leave it a bit wobbly… 😉
    For me, it captures the experience of trying to find the balance between Unity and Individuality, Eternity and Now . . . and that experience can leave one a bit wobbly!! Shabbat shalom, jen


    • Hi Jen,
      Thank you for your very encouraging post. Well now, may be I shall leave this wobbly bit, and move past my thoughts of insecurity on it. As usual you are a great inspiration. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend! Shabbat Shalom, Daniel


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