Anne Boleyn (Vespers)

Anne Boleyn just a little bit stronger, call to me a little bit longer, open a door, and I will come on in. Smallest of men, that charted these waters. Come to you behind this altar, better I not see, if this is a dream. Would I believe in spells of dark magic, wanton degrees and your life so tragic, up from a future well I am summoned in, let us begin. Drawn by design, I am not angel, still here I sit, outside your stable, moon how she beckons, when dawn arrives, the breath of your life will end. Small pale lips that tremble, when able, speech of old that’s hard to untangle, March is so cold, it follows the ides within, Anne Boleyn.

True in my way, I’ve labored to find you, prayed most the day to bow just beside you, queen is it time that brings this weary end. Mystic, or priest that finds you now kneeling, begging release for those that are killing, favor me madam why have you brought me in, Anne Boleyn. My child you say she is in your safety, blessing you after while I am praying, these are those times, where danger lies in sin, for weak men. True it is now that your Henry’s willing to take a vow, and to stop the killing, but after all he can’t stop, what he begins, my Anne Boleyn.

Labor your time to find my mind willing, to bring you here, in life so fulfilling, and to end the dread that has you locked in fear. These are strong tides that pull at all nature, summoning G-D to give you his favor, what in this keep can you release held dear. Time you have moved and now I have found you, forgiveness springs from lessons around you, my queen, my liege in all, you have made clear.

Anne Boleyn, the morning has broken, the sound of the crowds, the rooster has spoken, pray this mad day will find a favored end. There is just cause to move yourself onward, place all your heart on what love has conquered, I bow to my knee in awe my Anne Boleyn. – 08.12.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

William Sandford Pakenham-Walsh was an Irish cleric who claimed to have experienced a series of channeling events with the spirit of Anne Boleyn in the early 20th century.  his book “A Tudor Story: The Return of Anne Boleyn”  can be found at the following link:  I found his story fascinating, and my thoughts about possession and it’s role in creating doorways from the past to the present very intriguing.  I think there might be a part II someday. 😉  Read more about the fantastic life of W.S. Pakenham here:

2 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn (Vespers)

  1. I had not heard this before, and i will have to read more…
    Thank you for sharing it, I enjoyed it…
    Take Care…You Matter


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