Lucifer’s Opus

All Graphic rights: Socar Myles (Lucifer in The Violin)

Two armies in speed approach, one upon another, two lights between the northern skies, mine, and then one other. For every death, is thought one more, pain from one another. You dash your heel upon my shore, a shame, a shadow, a shudder! What instinct has traveled by your mind, that seeks to find its owner, have you not seen me act sublime, and turn a frozen shoulder. A thought of interest from your face, when you look at fallen grace, how it tempts you, when I cry, beguiling spirits how I lie, shining teeth so open wide, misguided thoughts in disguise. Oh song, never has a night been so long, opus in the darkness sung strong, fairer than the morning that comes, better learned of anger than none.

Two flowers bloom, in desert sand, their petals shadow each other, like balance between the sun and moon, one over lights the other. A balance beam, on one eye, continued thunder in jaded skies, why let us fear, my thoughts draw near. It could be true I love you dear, after secrets, spurned and scorned, fallen daemons from false storms. Do you not know me after time, we’ve shared proud envy, fallen pride. Across this prism, my refrain, a trial given, and still I sing, your host in heaven, Sheol knows well, I the mourning have grief to tell. That while your trumpets they do play, I’ve stolen lightning from its way, and in this opus I do sing, I am your wayward brother.

Two poles do reach across a stage, in time they seek to turn away, and if by night he calls me near, my song of death he still holds dear, an opus strung upon the lyre, of sickles burning among the tears. Yes he calls me, like chosen need, to chart the deadly with disease, a critic most willing, to stage a play, my tune in killing on judgment day. Two ones of two and then one more, a composition of just one score, a blade in light it holds more heat, an opus in heaven has one seat! – 7.17.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

2 thoughts on “Lucifer’s Opus

  1. Excellent, Daniel. Scary to me as are most things relating to Lucifer – Catholic upbringing makes for a very real sense of personified evil. What I’ve come to realise is scarier still is our own potential for those sins we attribute to an external force when the battle rages within.
    ‘Have you not seen me act sublime and turn a frozen shoulder’, but, ‘…we’ve shared proud envy, fallen pride.’ ‘A blade in light it holds more heat.’
    Your words and the image mingle so well together creating a very real sense, to me, of a musical score that underlies our living.
    I’m possibly about to do a collaboration with someone on a ‘darker’ piece that is not really my comfort zone. When I was thinking about it last night and how I would cope with exploring what leaves me shivering, I had thought of a dance with the devil or something of that nature that would allow for imagery rather than horror. I think, after reading this, that that’s the way I would like to tackle it.
    Another splendid piece of work, Daniel. I do like your prose/poetry style. It seems to make me read it more than once and elicit more from the whole.


  2. Thanks again Anne-Marie, for your wonderful insights, its great when someone makes me think about what I have written. I look forward to your collaborative piece that is darker. I admit I’m not much into western theology when it comes to the interpretation of Lucifer. I tend to view true evil as acts based on void or nothing, towards it’s future intent. In Judaism the balance of light and darkness is valued with judgment falling to Elohim and compassion to the Blessed Holy One YHWH. In this context Din or judgement is a part of G-D, and like with Job must seek YHWH’s permission to dittle around with us, to test us, to allure us, and to sometimes succeed. All is from creation and is as is, the way I view it. I don’t fear it, (although those old Hammer films we have corresponded on before might test me a bit) but I do respect it. Well now, you did not ask for a thesis on my theological beliefs but there you have it, my thoughts behind Lucifer’s Opus. As said above I look forward to your upcoming work. Shalom my friend, Daniel


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