Red Clover (Pappy’s Psalm)

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Pappy said closure comes rolling in clover, its red healing power relieves heat from a wound. Never you listen to crazy physicians when earth’s medicine lies at your feet. Danny my Danny the Front Range in clover is calling from Denver, toward Boulder so sweet. Thin air, red clover, infections are over, elixir of angels for free. Have you seen, taken, lost, sought or abandoned on high country highways or streets, what children are hungry or dirty for laundry when our fields are blessed and complete. The tide of depression it cleansed dirt and sand land, and taught us the use of our hands. History be given the reign which we lived in has brought a great soothing relief.

My grandfather’s eyes, like spirits in skies danced, as he further would speak. In thirty four, I could take it no more, so I fell on my knees on this land. I reached to the sky it was blue open wide and I called down the force of G-D’s hand. From clover, he answered with red to fight cancer, a tea for the living, rich nitrogen for sand. Medicinal healing, a tea, while you’re dealing with bread that you’re kneading, with red clover honey, the manna of land. It’s pure of the nature like soul’s lacking danger, a common occurrence the better to stand. We learn from another on how they seek cover, for me Danny boy, I rather just stand.

In Pappy was clover, no gloss or switch over, the pure tide of nature, the root of a man. His kisses of wisdom, the plants of his kingdom, red clover his savior, in love did he stand. He smiles and I see him, right through him, I need him, the prophet receding, in glorious perfume. My Pappy his clover its seeds never closer, a lesson for living has finally bloomed. – 07.09.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

2 thoughts on “Red Clover (Pappy’s Psalm)

  1. There’s love written right through this. I feel teary at the history and feel sure there must be wisdom in the healing the land may bring. It would make so much sense. Pappy knows about symbiotic relationships. Our understanding has yet to come I think. This is beautifully depicted with tenderness here, Daniel.


    • Thanks very much Anne-Marie for your reflections on this piece. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to write it or not. You just confirmed for me it was, so thank you my friend! The old man passed away in July of 1992. He was ninety-six. I grieve him still but more from the standpoint of he didn’t get to experience my wife and kids and me as a husband and father. G-D he was a rock, and a patriarch of a Granddad. 🙂


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