Matinee Mice

Some came to be frightened, a four wizened few, the creatures of darkness, that matinee crew. We stitched our own stories of plot, scripts anew, twelve movies of summer, the acts we boys knew. Red balcony cushions and arm chair delights, the clandestine features of lovers wrapped tight. On now with this scripture of tales of the brood. That Friday of summer, ghost entered the Allen as sharp as a Shrew. What four boys in mischief, mixed life for the giving, on bar stools they still sing, of that troubled day scheme, the beauty of mind games, the day we rose matinee mice.

One Friday in August, the thirteenth seven one, our plan in the making we watched the dawn come. The prince of all darkness his scar making teeth, was entering the Allen for a long August feast. As lads we were pupils of what ole Lee did, his movies were golden, we watched his teeth kiss. The maidens had rich blood that spilled from sized cups, caused trouble in waiting with an R rating, the issue determined, what we boys should do.

On Larry, and Jacob, myself and Trey too, the whole plot in waiting to do what lads do. The Allen has Showtime’s of two and of four, the Hammer of Dracula offers you more. There was still this matter of age to view sin, we were boys most craven to enter the den. It was then a bright youth, myself so indeed, mentioned the exit vent from theatre to street. I bet in conjecture no one would know why, the large door was open with four boys inside. It could be were mice like, Trey said with a grin, avoiding capture, we’ll say that we’ve been. And so it was whispered with giggles and glee four boys, would crawl inward to see a movie for free.

What dark clouds swarmed inward with full guts of rain, at ten before two, four shadows did play, upon alley walls toward trouble did they creep, four lads with a mission a movie to see. Like mice we did make stealth, removing a door, as lightning crackled and rain soon did pour. We crawled into darkness, a tunneled abyss, behind Jacobs’s movement we moved as a list. Up on a ladder we soon made our way, the tunnel grew wider, our excitement at play. Beyond some veiled wall the undead did speak, our goal of fulfillment would soon find its peak. The door stood between us and rapture of sin, no longer as mice we moved forward as men. Into the pale we strode one as in four, the thunder of Vlad Tepes upon us did roar. Four boys with ambition, adventure and game moved in front of watchers onto a theatre…..

Stage….. 07.01.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

2 thoughts on “Matinee Mice

  1. Omg! You didn’t! You must have been boo’d off the stage or collared and ousted in one mortifying swoop. What a story to remember with friends. No wonder you still laugh about it.
    My most daring do for watching the Hammer House of Horrors was sneaking back into the living room to hide behind the couch after I’d already been chased to bed out of harm’s way. I invariably gave myself away when gasps of fright could not be contained by any handy cushion. Then I had to be escorted to bed because I was too terrified to go upstairs by myself!
    This is a splendid recount of mischief and mayhem and a reminder of those masters of fear I’d almost forgotten about. I don’t know who I feared more but Vincent Price’s voice can be heard in my ears right now giving me delicious shivers. Why do we do that to ourselves?!
    Did you get booted out? Reported to parents? Cuffed in the ear and let go? Do tell. 🙂


    • Hammer did have a way in the day of bringing great fear to the mind of both young and old. 🙂 Probably tame by today’s standards, The question echo’s in my mind to this day, “Why in the world would you search for that musty passage to enter the villain’s sarcophagus”? Of course there we were young cad’s doing just that of sorts entering a dark passageway knowing not where it might end. 🙂

      We turned and ran of course to the boo’s of the audience in attendance, them being as shocked as we, I would imagine. Back from whence we did come, back into the rain, and around to the street where we were properly confiscated by the theater manager and his horde of staff.

      Wonderfully it was a time and day when homeland security didn’t throw you in the gulag for sneezing incorrectly. After a round of wet threats of all kinds of malicious action that could be taken of our person,,we were released into the custody of my buddy Jake’s father. We had wisely chosen to have him called as he was of the most liberal mindset on child rearing. I suppose if I had to do it all over again, I can proudly report I would, the adventure was worth it, and yes that Vincent Price could give one the shivers!!! 😉


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