Very nice black bird in the tree today, said my father’s mother, as she said her grace. His eyes are blue with magic, they burn with foreign fire, they circle me with six points, interpret my desire. That Turdus merula, is darker than the night delayed, detached yet from the living he sees with other sight. Said my father’s mother if I breath by right, a son I will be given, I’ll birth him in the night. That hew upon the high ground that looks just like a star, will call upon the dark bird to name this baby knight. His sign shall be a jackdaw, on spirit he shall grow, divisible by wonder, his marvel cherished bright, a colorless of ageless, and a temperate on the right, a blackbird of the sages, determined by his sight. Ten and twenty Grackles have summoned while he plays, they fly in awe majestic, he turns they float away.

The Crow he called out early, the day the world stood still, the day my father’s mother said name him as you will. Whatever is his worry the Rook will be his guide, he’ll fly him into battle, and he’ll watch him when he dies. In the highland thistles, a blackbird looks your way, his eyes are blue with magic, and he will not look away. Chasten now your story, believe your wisdom done, In Merle you have your glory, a blackbird is your son.

In Merle you have a name ship that’s shadowed by the sun. A Rook that flew between names, from father down to son. There cries within a namesake a search for why or when, to challenge all your answers to settle all your sins. If I dream of Ravens that lead me to my home, have I found a haven will I no more roam. However seems my journey, this name that I’m assigned, like he who went before me, I will not know but why. Ten and twenty Grackles have summoned while I write, they fly in awe majestic, I turn they float away.




My Father’s middle name was Merle, as is mine. It means Blackbird. – 06.27.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

5 thoughts on “Merle

  1. I have to say I really like the way you form a poem….like a flowing piece of prose. I need to give some thought to’s like a beautiful story.
    I’m slightly pissed at you, right enough, because I was cutting back on who I follow just yesterday…tastes change, reasons alter, some writing fades in meaning….I had to cut back. Now I’m going to have to be back up one. I think I may need to read more of the way you flow. Maybe somehow meant, I don’t know. But there is a peculiar intensity to the poem-formed-as-story-creating-rhyme that really appeals. Namste, new friend. I like your style.x


    • It’s the beer my friend, and sometimes I’m just plain nuts 😉 I am visual, sometimes it gets out there, and sometimes people are just scratching there heads saying call the folks with butterfly nets we have a live one. Anyway, thanks, and I hope you stay this time. I too appreciate the way you form and mix words, you have high altitude vision, and it sails great ships. Shalom, Daniel


      • I’ve been invited on a Blog Roll…not exactly sure what’s involved…but kinda. A really special poet I admire so much invited me to join in sharing how we write. I just kinda do. lol. But anyway, how do you fancy taking part? I really do like the way you weave. It’s something quite unique to me—says me with two haufs under my belt…big measures, home pouring!…
        Here’s a link to him.
        A guy with words, I feel, to die for in his capacity to encapsulate and sustain energy and thought. I’ve followed him since I got here, more or less, around a year ago.
        I’m feckin’ chuffed to bits he asked me!
        I was kinda in awe of him to begin with…I know! .. folk are folk, but still, when words speak to you.. it’s hard to not be awestruck.
        If you’re interested drop me a line
        I truly think the way you put your words together must be a unique process. I’m curious!
        Either way, I look forward to reading more. With or without a hauf and a beer. 😉 x


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