Bless me Father (A Dad’s Psalm)

Bless me father, I’m walking with children, is this the way you walked with me? In the winter, the snow is heavy, sometimes your footsteps I can’t see. Is it my focus, my lack of diligence, do the powers of wisdom not love me. Bless me father, I’m walking with children, their little burdens protect for me. In the morning, before Orion, before the dew drop touched the leaf, in a cache of the heavens weather, two gifts of Hashem, they chose me. That’s a man with scars of weakness, lets fulfill his ever need. In a moment, sweet emanation, first comes, two loves, entwined in childlike harmony. Bless me father, what makes me father, can you teach me cartography?

She’s a countenance on many quarters, she’s a wild wind in the reeds, she’s a child of moon and water, Augustus birthday, in love received. He is born on Yisrael’s shoulder, a Virgo kingship, for his border, blessed of favored, I do conceive. He’s a specter that saves loves weakness, a man of wonder, this too I believe. In the quietness, of holy order, I’m a father of two degrees. A book of shadow, in a spirit, I ask my father for what can be. Bless me father, my questions wander, have I given as I received, have I sheltered with forgiveness, have I cherished grace bequeathed?

Bless me father, I am older, now this grey it falls on me. Bless me father, a son, a daughter, a grace of lineage a family tree. They are grown now, a little older, enchantment breathing, prosperity. They carry seedlings from my altar, they carry love that sustains me. Marks of placement on my shoulders, phantom feelings of when they rode on me. Bless me father, for this I treasure, no greater skill has set me free. A dad’s psalm passed down from a father, in its mystery I can see. Bless me father, I’m walking with children, is this the way you walked with me.


For that fraternity of Dad’s, of which I am delighted to belong. – 06.14.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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