Skip With You (A Love Song)

Graphic rights Nakai Photography

Come gentle sprite, dance with me, see the dream, there are so few to follow. Have a happy family, bare your womb clean, children spring from what we borrow. Here on for after is the way not clean, it is life adversity in sorrow. I would skip with you, I would love you as I say I do, when there are no rainbows seen on the morrow. We look back, we screen our past, we fumble words on a mountain that seems too tall. Take my hand, let’s bite our shadows, no race won, without a plan, when your thoughts are broken, I would skip with you.

Come light lace, defined facet of a fallen queen, when we were dreamers, we were lost at sea. We found a door when we touched our hands, we touched grace, on a moving sand, look when we laugh our hearts no longer touch the land. I would skip with you when the puzzle finds its place, when the knowledge of this life has run out of water. We find our lips burning needing a place to stay, a rainy day, that keeps our destiny in place. I will never be over you, I am not afraid, and I will skip with you, when there is no road left to carry our sorrow.

Come lithe and sweet, taken when we were weak, know there is no Eden without tomorrow. There are turns and splits, snakes taken from the pits, still I’m here my hand willing to bring that carrion discomfort. You will not walk alone, life not your own, it is my spirits to atone in comfort. I will skip with you, over broken dew, I would lay with you in terror. I will skip with you till there’s nothing left for shoes, till we learn to play with hereafter. Come gentle sprite, dance with me….. 06/09/2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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