Picture courtesy of Mitch Dobrowner/Kopeikin Gallery

Welcome on down did you fly lava wings, did you bring the people for as far as they can see, did they descend to plant and ascend to sleep. Did the world look so different from the bridge of your peaks? Did the holy wind blow in the mist of lights, supernatural terror in a world without sight, did the fourth world open to your boat with wings, did you land in fire where the sand does sing? Was there land in water, flowing by your side, did you summon great monsters from your ship on high, did your first breath of air born in sacred sky’s, come from secret places living soil that cannot die.

Did the people sail under star and moon, fashioned constellations with the weave and loom? Were there four sacred mountains built by reformed soil, did you place your ship between them and begin to toil, did you harvest herbs of buttons and natural seeds, at the foot of your transport on a desert sea. Why, you must have climbed when your day was done, on that final day you climbed it when the lightning come. It probably came a signal from a naayééʼs teeth flowing blue electric dragon from what we can’t see. While around the ship in holding, there was quiet at last, the chʼį́įdii of the mountain was a ship turned black.

Welcome on down, to what we can’t see, in a brown painted picture of mythology, some say it couldn’t happen, for it’s not their belief, the arrival of the people on a ship at sleep. To approach it is to wonder why it cannot be, the creation of a people from another sea. For one world to another until this one four, it’s a story not so different from all other lore, for shiprock is a temple that rest on this world’s floor, a carrier of a people from another door. Welcome on down did you fly lava wings, did you bring a holy people do they hold the key? – 06/08/2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Growing up in Kirtland, New Mexico I got used to seeing Shiprock in the distance, looming, guarding, watching in dark volcanic silence.  For some, the Navajo, it’s presence is holy.  I believe they are correct 🙂

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