Summer wishes (The Boy That Stretched the Sunshine)

Would you place my head, against your liquid sunshine, run and taste the song that sounds just like the wind? Would you take me higher then pines below the boulders, sail in ages fashioned for me as a kid. Would you take the beat of my simple heart learning, cost before life’s pleasures, you lose before you win. Interwoven strings that weave a simple magic, lyrical spells in footsteps that sigh where you’ve been. This is brew worth drinking in signs and pints of sixes, this is Pi of kisses a mellow happy end. Reach into the mystic, follow all the markers, round and round the ashes now swallow and blend. Burn now ancient circle, invest now your senses, blow now yellow pollen and bless your find. Have you run the meadow, dreamed in darkened caverns, have you placed the sticks that mark a strange moon? Naked is this old man’s blessed summer’s wishes, the boy that stretched the sunshine has entered the room.

There are canyon graveyards, underneath a river, a bent tree on a mountain that tasted G_D’s moon. Invested in the starlight, a fallen kind of firefly, an ice cream worth a kingdom, the opposite of doom. Have you touched a young girl, felt her lips like candy, entered, asked her to dance at summer’s high noon? Did you build an engine that raced down lanes of harvest, drank a bitter whiskey, and whistled dangerous tunes? What is glory given, if not for boys of summer, when the time is over, it’s over too soon? Naked is this old man’s blessed summer’s wishes, the boy that stretched the sunshine has entered the room.

Circled on the highway, crystal in its stillness, strangeness of a summer, that swallowed our youth. There where candles bleeding, clubhouse of believing, an oath that saw us grow up, and conquer our youth. How I wished we’d savored blessed summer wishes, rain and golden fishes, that followed our hooks. Naked is this old man’s blessed summer’s wishes, the boy that stretched the sunshine has entered the room.

I wanted to replicate in a brief poem the total sensory of my boyhood summers – jeez it was a great time דָּנִיֵּאל – 05.29.2014


6 thoughts on “Summer wishes (The Boy That Stretched the Sunshine)

    • Hi Leon, Great to hear from you, I think of you often and hope all is going well. I was actually born in November, so I live often in the Pluto realm, but my best work is done in summer 😉 Shalom my friend. Daniel


      • I think of you often, too, Daniel, with deep gratitude for our friendship.
        Unfortunately nothing is going well, except the love in our hearts which cannot even find its brightest expression. Nothing seems to be changing for the better after our first common Six Thousand Days of Night are over; Plutonia’s “father” died ten days ago after having destroyed our lives, and we are faced with too many dead ends.
        We are hanging in there, thanks also to your prayers, my Scorpionic brother of November. My Ascendant, Moon and Neptune are all in the most darkly mystical sign, although I am also a shiny August-born, and I cannot but stand in awe in front of what is revealed to us about our spiritual kinship, even through these short exchanges. It is no accident that we met. I took the time today to read all of your posts I had not seen so far, and I enjoyed each one of them very much! I firmly believe that you will make a great published writer, Daniel.
        We really want the same for ourselves, too, this has always been our heart’s desire above all else, but we cannot pursue it unless we somehow survive these unending hardships, not unless we get lucky enough to receive a windfall, not before we take care of a mountain of impossible obligations in Greece, not before we return to Plutonia’s birthplace in Germany where we have no relatives or friends whatsoever and start having some real-life experiences beyond our lifelong confinement inside four walls. “Oh, wow, do you want jam on it?” say the devils; “the probabilities are statistically non-existent, so why don’t you do everyone a favor and just drop dead now?” I am about nine years younger than you, my brother, Plutonia ten, but we are aging abnormally fast in this silent war, being practically unable to do anything even for a meager living anymore, despite our ongoing efforts.
        Please know that our connection is truly sustaining for me. And that I pray for you and your loved ones, too. No one is safe in this world and it is so encouraging that we can be lovingly protecting one another. I thank you Daniel, with a golden shower of blessings from our darkened corner of the world. Leon


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