How are you there, dear neighbor, why Mr. Carter I’m doing fine, did you try that new ice cream down at the five and dime? Did you see that Ms. Pickens no longer sings at church, she fell and broke her ankle, stepping off that dang ole curb? In the morning, I’ll drive her where it is, she needs to go, I know she’s frail, and lonely, and she needs our help so. Hello Mayor Phillips, I heard your cars broke down, can I give you a ride, to the business side of town. It’s the best a soul can offer in 1959, shelter me from the carnage coming down this timeline.

It could be Dr. Mike’s a rich man, I don’t care, and I don’t ask, when we can’t pay him, he still does his task. The city park needs cleaning, nobody need get upset, the boys they got together, and in no time mowed the grass. There’s a place by the river where I take my favorite girl, at times she lets me kiss her, and I feel my heart unfurl. When we decide to marry, and I promise her my life, there won’t be no one other, for this ever, she will be my wife. It could be rain is coming, in a time where devils speak but now I’m just living and my soul is real at peace.

Sharon Keeley’s theatre runs the best show for a dime, each night before she shuts down she looks at Heston one more time. She knows a dream before she sees it but it’s life just the same, the actor makes her feel like she walks in star like grace. The children of a small town walk to and fro from school, never thinking of a stranger who might want to break life’s rules. Officer Rumford is a good friend, who plays his best when the summers hot, when the church league is shy a player they just know they can call that cop. There’s a ship that’s taking water on this ocean up ahead, but for now were treading water, it’s not too high and not too bad.

At nine o’clock we just get sleepy, and we think our stars it’s late, and we drink a glass of orange juice, Aunt Louise eats some cake. In the nighttime not a nightmare, from the mayor to a child, as we enter sleep filled union with a balance and a smile. It’s a sliver of an era built on time that will not last, a year of 1959, and soon it will pass. Can you see it in a time machine built static in these words, built special in a town of rhyme, before danger strolled the earth. It’s the best a soul can offer in 1959, shelter me from the carnage coming down this timeline. – דָּנִיֵּאל

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