Delicate Story

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There’s a delicate story from your neighbor to the east, who just needs someone to talk to, when the shakes hit his core. He’s been dry for sixty sunsets, and he’s seen a devil’s moon, still he craves his balm of hot clear flame, and his brand of eighty proof. He went from dark haired warrior, to a craven shrunken man, when he came upon a village with a rifle in his hand. There were little girls screaming, and he shot one as she ran, that’s the story of the solider and his ghost from Afghanistan. In the mirror she taunts and teases with her open bloody wound. She beckons him to sorrow, use a rope high in your room, tie it tighter with no reason, and I’ll see you here real soon.

There’s a delicate story from your doctor’s only nurse, as she wraps her pain in lithium, stolen from her trusted perch. Lies of self that tell a story, hidden marks upon her arms, darkened armory of self-turned weapons, climbing nightmares in the dark. Modern health it tells a story, in a hidden practice ruin, tightened veins in chemical glory, chase the heroin with a spoon. That she screams in obligatory torture in the pieces that she sees, patients pass her as she’s crying, too sick of dying no relief. Solemn pledge she took of purity from the modern nursing book, her veins collapsed in flame filled fury from the needle that she took.

There’s a delicate story, when your children say please or I can, place me first before your wisdom, or the business that you ran. Did you not know G_D’s a sailor sailing conscience on degree, placing small hearts as a tempest to see if you believe? Did you not believe their story when they say they need you most, have you not given them the glory, when they try in solemnity to tell their delicate story.

YHWH breathes in beautiful stories, structured rhyme upon belief, takes a child with delicate story, builds that epic from belief. Arms of credence, perseverance, that won’t die when you’re cold, wrap you up when you’re dying, and let you in your marvel, never fading, surrender your delicate story, your worthy story. –דָּנִיֵּאל 05.13.2014

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