Mother You Have Fought a Dragon

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Mother you have fought a dragon, it dragged you to some shore. Terror free and in reprieve you have prayed for never more. Woman you have birthed a heartache, one that bled your soul. Ten to one you have fought and won, and begged to win no more. Charming leaves that fall in spring, never following a guide. Children roam with gods unknown, and issue a summons of pride, and you will cry them through, to a place of you, in a storm laid grace, you will hide their face and in your love they abide.

Mother you have issued summons, lost a battle in the dark. Writ it please to lose judgment, and please, compassion with a start. Female you have challenged souls of angels, asked for love where devils play. This destiny of what you see, is what your will wants staid. Passion dies where ego starts, what will of child, will lose the day, when stars and poems fall from G_D’s eyes when a mother turns her love and prays. Your child, has future work in shadows, a walk that fights to reach the dawn, a mother she begs to join the battle, in tears she nurtures time not won.

Mother you will run on razors, bleed where daemons dare not come. Serenade a chorus, by rhyme, sown by footprints in a mind, there by nature, a wonder born, there a mother lined and worn, there her purpose with her love she sees. Lady by your creed your labor, in your very virtue find, mother you have fought a dragon, the keys to some dungeon shine. Son you breathe, when she believes, amass your fortune, heal your ghost wound, it has heard your mother’s cry. Daughter your kingdom, hive your anger, she’s your mirror, she’s your maker, she is by your side.

Mother you have fought a dragon!


For every mother who has fought for her children! Happy Mother’s Day! – דָּנִיֵּאל 05_10_2014

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