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Do you touch Orion, Hashem do you thread my clothes, do you really take me to the places I hate to go. Is it really thought, Hashem, philosophy or time, have I really given you too much credit in this rhyme? Sometimes weak as ashes, blowing in wild wind, I turn myself for lack of water, I cannot let you in. Is this really a covering, escaping from my life, is the name I call as one, laughing while I try. Who is made in heaven, leader, who is sown in hell, what remains a given reason, why my spirit fails.


Did you know my chosen heart, you never really fell, I touched you like a perfect love, and kissed your soul as well. Light as cold as darkness, and holes as deep as hell, have passed you from their judgment, when I destined that as well. You are like a feather passed upon my dream, in a place that fire can’t find, I will never leave. Take your place from sacrifice, bleed yourself no more, you ask for reason in sullen grace, I ask for so much more. Pause yourself a moment, breath and say Selah, simple as a twinkling caught, a prayer in double thought.


Fears and thoughts of afterlife, they make my world turn black, cast my lot with cross and nail, and then it nailed me back. Is this the way you planed it, a sacrifice of war, a starving wound of death and age, a lust that feeds my core. Where is my ride on star field skies that lets me touch your face? Alone I die a strange sharp glass indignant, lost upon this human race. What pause is this you give me, when darkness it moves so fast, is this a place of silent stares lost in a cold caress?


Quiet, in thought, and touch the air, and pause your thoughts of grief, I did not bring you from my mind to watch your unbelief. What is the time that you have made, that I cannot make more? Stillness is my love for you, I’ve never loved you more. Selah in place of higher air, a place worth far much more. In mortality a light is changed, your shadow leaves the room, fair beyond the space I’ve made, is pause I heal your wound. Selah in land that moves and shakes, in witness it does shine, a pause for what Selah creates, I claim it all as mine!


2014_07_05 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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