Part I [What Do We Do]

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It seems so complicated, watching people cry, various reasons, philosophies lie. It could be it don’t matter, your tears making shadows, it could be love’s a devil that seeks when you hide. I watched a thousand people that kill a thousand more, a picture in moving darkness that permeates our horror, and makes us ask for more. It’s said that art is imitation of what we say and do, and yet we cry torn loveless, what’s an ethos to do. Love found is another world, this one’s cold and dark, control and power are so passé, addiction is an art. So if I see you crying, because you’re torn and blue, I will hold you closer, and ask what do we do?

Lords and Leeds of London, have you insured love, has it become a commodity that is taught in common core. It seems in mutual clarity between both rich and poor, a loss of definition just what is love won for. Does it save a sinner, a man who owns the throne, a president or congress, a whore spread on the floor? The arrogance of destiny to take us to the dawn, to tell us we are champions, alone and left undone, we seek a feeling special a love that last inside, alas we fall to greater fires, in life what do we do?

Did you watch the setting sun, a tide that went to shore, a happiness of moment that shook you to your core. A leper defines happiness as something swift and sweet, a moment without a mirror at hand, and no pain in what he sees. Love defined as habit, a moment not meant to keep, a generation of stolen souls, sown in what they reap. If love is to be a disciple of change that you can’t keep, then what do we do, what do we do?

If love is shame lost hidden, like fangs of death and lore, what causes us to seek it and desire it even more. Lust is terminology for modern theology, a chemical reaction that defines loves inaction, a spirit lost in anatomy that boast of things it cannot see. I opened a door of mystery, and probed a question categorically, if love is changed and gone away, what do we do, what do we do?


The answer (part II) will arrive shortly Jדָּנִיֵּאל -05_01_2014

2 thoughts on “Part I [What Do We Do]

  1. Thank you for your kind words Kat, I am going to try to get to part II over the weekend if time permits, also to exploring your own blog. I glanced briefly at some of your work this morning, you have a fine eye for emotive imagery yourself 😉 Thanks again. – Shalom Daniel


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