STAND (Earthquakes for Tomorrow)

Loneliness is memory, misplaced upon by sorrow, used by some daemon, to take you from my hand. Shallow is the mystic, built on faded feelings, depression of the failure, a place you did not stand. Delegated feelings, begotten by some history, an instant of reflective, chosen when you’re sad. Concern built on illogic, misshapen isolation, a curse of antiquity, a curse upon your land. When you feel dejected, invaded by no virtue, rejected by the living, alone in disrepair, perceive yourself taken, perception of my thunder, receive an essence speaking, I will, reveal, I AM! Yesterday by mourning, anxiety for tomorrow, a present place of mercy, that ever place to stand. Stillness is a marvel, an instant tender healing, a circle of repeating, reflection when you stand. I’ll rise you like a phoenix, replace your hate with wonder, there’s earthquakes for tomorrow, but today you’re going to stand.

I don’t want to be bad, I rather not be scary, I’d prefer you to see me as I am. It’s true there are times when truth gets crazy, but I’ll pledge to be as honest as I can. There are places you are going, you’ll need me to understand, that’s okay, you’re just a little shaky, I’ll carry you to safety, there’s earthquakes for tomorrow, but today you’re going to stand. Present words stay constant, their sturdy structure persistent, not nearby, there, or future, just current here I am. Change I built on endless, continued in the boundless, perpetual, when unceasing, an elemental hand. This is love unknowing, spirit built on present, a verb that you can count on, not a description built on sand. Come and face the monster, the essence of the rumble, I made within you magic, there’s earthquakes for tomorrow, but today you’re going to stand. – דָּנִיֵּאל 04/28/2014


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