Sweetened Day (I Want to Dance With You)


I want to dance with you on a sweetened day, when the lines are still perfect, and your hair is gray. I want to open up the womb of time, and let those past shadows melt away, and when you glance at me and my breath just fades, know the testing of my thunder is the sound of your fears running so far away.

I want to bathe your body in a living rhyme that knows not of your sickness, or your wasted time. I tested dialectic on what you might claim, is your bloodied cuts of heartbreak, on your arms of shame, and when that moon of justice turns its head away. I will hold you in compassion on a sweetened day.

I want to birth your worries on a field of grace, when the details of dark anger seem too much to face. I instigated pattern, when you chose this way, and your stumbles ever awkward, are stillborn into wonder. Your fear will know love’s knowledge, on this sweetened day.

I want to burn your guilt, with laughter, on this sweetened day. When I turn in wind before you, and my words they light auroras, emanated law before you, living Torah, chosen weakness. In your failure, adoration, all above my own creation, genetic glory of grand elation.

I want to dance with you on a sweetened day, let you stride in sapphire and touch my face. I want to summon light forever, dry your eyes in my hereafter. For in my creation, of atom and rhyme, perfected reason of destiny’s time, to watch you breathing so unashamed, has made my day grow longer, a sun forever stronger. I turn to take you with me cross the hope of man with love for me, on this sweetened day. – דָּנִיֵּאל 04/26/2014

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