White Robe (A True Story)

They wear a white robe in virtual euphoria, telling their secrets in all of its Gloria. I know a woman in trinity rapture, worships her kingdom in fashion forever. Plastic blood gods, forgiven here after, afraid of the old world, immune in her stature. Her kingdom in antithesis story, assumes a white robe that decrees a false glory. She stands now in licentious magic, dealing a false card, taken from shadows, written on dead skin, two thousand years, of sin forgiven, how?

I know a man that wears a white robe, speaks to the angels, reaches for kingdoms, tells of the unborn, begging as tears flow, his eyes go inward, psychosis given, his sin is living now. Roman, covered by secrets, parchment and leather, canon of ritual, taken from old ways, how? He speaks of his love for one G-D accessed, by blood god possessed, shame of the ages, come now to save us, how?

It is a strange way, declaring its favor, outsourced sorcery, torturous wisdom, blood on a strange wood, nephilim stranger, born of a woman, mystery unspoken, how? They enter underground from various places, wearing a white robe, clothed in their virtue, talking as warriors, crimson to do good, how? In G-D’s love they place their judge of hereafter, take from the old way, say it’s a new way, lost in black vision, preaching in one way lost in a three way, how?

Real life, dollar loud saviors, watching in crimson possession by business, pornography vision, how? Warfare, witches in heaven, balance is given, light turns his face, torn from the shadow, now, the true story, now. Ark of the living, hidden from Esau, how? They wear a white robe, stolen from glory, a destiny hidden, an alien forgiven, how? They seek a real light, Shekinah of Yisrael, Solomon’s protocol, the well of G-Ds wonders, sound of the holy, how? They wear a white robe, plastered in diamonds, numbering the beast, counting the minutes, numerals of knowledge, how?

This is a safe place, with white robes forbidden, where love is not hidden, blood is not needed, life is still heeded here. There is forever one from beginning the ark of unending, a balance defending know how. There is no new way, when constant is flowing, sapphire is glowing, sphere of pure light is clear. Endless, in cyclical union, compassionate fusion, no cover, forgiveness, a judgment of reason, now. – דָּנִיֵּאל 04/13/2014

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