This Passover

You tell me to look outside me this Passover, to actualize an infinite need. It seems strange, you asking me for holiness, for blessing a harvest, you of oneness, the lock of my key. A fable inside me that sparks an old story that terminates spirit if I don’t believe, a deathly hollows of blood for your glory of ransomed sinners sowed from death’s seed. You quietly whisper don’t look on that angel, that left hand of judgment that floats by your door, wait until morning to build love an altar, deliver your kindness, compassion in deeds.

You tell me to look outside me this Passover, enter a chamber that feels like a storm. In whispers of moonlight, craft of your measure, Hashem how you beg me to let you control. You built me from nothing, in thoughts of first labor, molded my lips from where angels cry. That kindness you left me to pass on forever, a definite wisdom, not held in a lie, an ember of softness that glows on forever, Tiferet Yisrael that screams when I cry. Blessing ingenious from light on forever, dealt on endeavor where destiny lies. No longer forgiven, free now forever one G-d of my story, no longer to die.

You tell me to look outside me this Passover, to swear my allegiance in scarlet laid skies. Adonai I bless you I stand now before you, and gasp at the reason you breathe through my life. The words of old scars are taken from me, incandescently you cherish me, and sing a lullaby for me to repeat. Ruach ha-kodesh you have learned to tear out my heart and I do not bleed, in the scheme of things you have dealt me the reason for why I must learn to fly. You tell me to look outside me this Passover, something loved, something new, and in this puzzle in this confusing rhyme, I find your one light. – דָּנִיֵּאל 03/29/2014



5 thoughts on “This Passover

  1. This song gave me the goosebumps, Daniel, combined with the sounds of this ancient language.
    Plutonia and I started studying the Kabbalah through some online material a few years ago, we are both very much interested and always have been. We do not have the money or the time to really delve into it, but these eternal truths are always in our in hearts, sustaining us in our dark hours.
    And especially to me, the more poetic of us two, your poetry is such a soul soother!
    You are lovingly included in my next post –to be published within the next few days– where I am opening up my heart and explaining a bit about our backgrounds and our lives with Plutonia. Too many harsh realities, I’m afraid, but I hope my always-reaching-for-the-light soul will be leaving an uplifting message of gratitude.
    Thank you, Daniel, for all that you are and share.


  2. Hi Leon, Thank you so much for your kind words, they encourage me, and make me want to strive ever harder to be living Torah! I look forward to reading your upcoming post. I am happy you like the poems, sometimes they don’t make sense to me when I’m writing, a little outer terrestrial 😉 My best to you and Plutonia – Shalom your friend, Daniel


    • Yes, Daniel, please continue living the Torah the wonderful way that you do. And please know that I when I appear unreligious in some of my writings, it is only the distorted type of organized religion I am attacking, because I have had some very difficult experiences and a suffocating life overall, as in this lifetime I chose to land amidst a society of devilishly pious hypocrites. But I guess this only serves the higher purpose of my reconnecting with my truly spiritual brothers and sisters. I am immensely grateful to you for your personal spirituality and the way you express it. You are a true brother to me, Daniel, and poetically too; I adore the aesthetics of this “a little outer terrestrial” that keeps us connected to the Divine, although I myself also worry sometimes if I will make sense to anyone with my jumbled up inspirations 😉
      I wish for you and your family: completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquillity, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony… Phew! It’s amazing how you can send all these blessings with just one magical little word: Shalom! Your friend, Leon.


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