Better Living (Life in Totah)

I will take you there, where the three rivers meet, where something really special built a spirit in me. In the Totah of the valley I was built with creed, my apostles were the blue sky, and the sand at my feet. My birthright was the mesa that was soaked by sun, my terrors torn asunder when the day was done. The fashion of the plain way, and the spoken tongue, the right and left of promise, deeds of praise unsung, the sheltered light of caring, forgotten cost of sharing while I was young.

A chamber not so hidden still resides in me, a place I stood my childhood still in memory. A blanket full of wisdom, not found in norm, a hand that wears the turquoise, no culture lost by storm. Sometimes when an earthquake shakes my home, I bring back better living, life in Totah there I roam. The best that I can offer in my private belief, came to me in boyhood near a Pinon tree. In the seed was Manna that fed my soul, there in by the San Juan I took control.

Now I’m growing older, and my hair is gray, I need to search three rivers where my secrets lay. Something in the water, could be stone or sand, something in the people, and the heart of the land. Sheltered by remission, where this road does lay, I will find permission where the ghost do play. Come famed muddy waters cutting channels deep, I will live in Totah while my soul does sleep. Therein lies my wisdom from where I used to play, growing better living in the Totah way. This immortal minder gifts a better day. I will take you there, where the three rivers meet, where something really special built a spirit in me.

Kind memories of the plateau’s valley’s and rivers of my childhood near Farmington, Kirtland and Fruitland New Mexico reminds my ageing soul that the cost and victories I retained in this special place as a child instilled in me better living for life. My foundation was life in Totah! דָּנִיֵּאל 03/22/2014

3 thoughts on “Better Living (Life in Totah)

  1. You did take me there, Daniel! Thank you so much for these deeply moving childhood reveries. Can you feel how on someone who has no such mellowness to recall, your spirit and words are so heart-warming and healing? It really makes me realize how physically connected we are in this field of divine energy. Bless you, brother.


  2. Once again I am indebted to you Leon for your kind words and support. The place that I grew up was populated by the Anasazis civilization, that disappeared around 1300. There are theories to what happened but as far as I know no factual evidence to where they went. The high plateau of the four corners area shaped by beauty and mystery will always be with me unto my death. I wish my children could have experienced such a place to grow up! It thrills me that my words take you there, and that they make you a part of the mystery. You are correct there is healing there. Shalom my brother, Daniel


    • Oh, so this explains your mesmerizingly mystical vibrations, Daniel! Partly, at least. And this is another point where we meet again. My grandfather was a passionate archaeologist, you see, and although I never knew him because he was born a whole century before me, I do have this love for ancient civilizations in my genes. I just studied the Wikipedia article on the “Ancient Pueblo peoples” and I am enchanted and honored to have found a brother –actually you found me; I am the one who is indebted here– who has absorbed such beauty and mystery.
      And do not worry about your children. Although this world gives us everything to worry about, I am sure they are already equipped with more than they need to tread their paths with grace, thanks to your loving care. I am so proud of you, Daniel, my brother. Leon


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