A song set in simplicity that has no rhyme or reason to be, a tune set before there is melody. Glazes of splendor, two in sweet paradigm you have grown before me. Stunning, like the substance of G_D’s dominion in me, placed purity of the love we made. Times you will climb, times you will fight, and when you fall you will shatter me but I will never turn away. The moon and stars, did you see them tonight, did you know they reached for you and then fell from the sky. That’s okay, that’s the reason I pray, and most of the time the words meet your destiny and fall into a mystic grace. The love I feel sometimes is displaced, and truth be known like my father before me you will never know its candor, until the morning sunlight hits your face and you touch my ghost at play. In quality I sired you before the face of G_D’s thunder I begged you to be blessed before second place, and in compassion this life’s wilderness was replaced with the elegance of YHWH’s refining fire that stands before me. There are warnings, attributes and words of linen fine I could utter, choices, blessings, instructions, rare psalm’s I could sing on a summer’s night. They would only take away from what has already been placed in you. So I remind you, I place you in the travesty of this atomic age, and place your hearts before you for only one holds you. You are chosen twice like two twins before his endless space and time, in compassion resting glowing cherubim’s before your fate. My faith, my belief, you are two risen before me, resting like peridot and sapphire without a care. A path before you arises, a change before you someday soon. It comes to harvest like a daemon full of puritan spark. I will be there, through the veil, I will see you, looking back at me. I will watch you run to quiet the storm, and like the song you are, that song set in simplicity, that one with no rhyme or reason to be, you will create melody. דָּנִיֵּאל

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