Love Is

Love_is_hopeLove is, when we have been dancing for a long time. When the sky is no longer bright, and we have learned how to make each other cry. Love is when we take turns holding each other tight in grief, because we are afraid our last hope might die. Tangles and knots hold together our love like mystical adhesive when learning our children are not seamless, and watching them fight their daemons late into the night. Darkened hard wood builds our house, on rocky cliffs, without romance, and dances with devils on shadows that throws us into each other’s arms and there we live as love is.

Love is, in honest words, spoken after years have passed us by. When challenge is no longer a game, and religion is known as the lie. Love is the danger that passed us by, like the angel of death digging up our emotional shadows only to find us laughing in the light. Ideas, enchanted moving bodies in laughter, finding YHWH as an addendum, learning character in time, bearing children and tracing the outline of our blemishes, when we are famished in our own storm. There then we lose ourselves, that is what love is.

Love is, watching our children grow in grace. When time stands still, and visions cease, there we stand a family not moved in silence, quiet and watching, we embrace, as love is. Our labyrinth we have destroyed, a destiny found, for in G_D’s compassion he did try us first and find us wanting, and there we were found. Destroyed overture, still entangled symphony, cut and bleeding, healed and growing, under and over until we could not speak. There in my heart always waiting still and forever more unwavering, that is what love is. Love is, when we have been dancing for a long time. – דָּנִיֵּאל 02/26/2014

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