Praise Your Brokenness


Breathe my name, over there in a private place.  Not to elusive or too brash, just a psalm of tenderness.  You are mine formed in Pre – Adamic rhyme, not a warrior or a test, just my praise to brokenness.  When you sigh, do not regret, take a moment to look behind, at those dreams that left your side, when your demons took your mind, when you cried and asked to die.  Here we are just G_D and man, linked together in loneliness, from the beginning of your need.  There is no creed just one promise between you and me when you finally free your light, I will praise your brokenness.

Just bargain your way from compassion let judgment rest, what you cannot seem to find, is resting in this rhyme.  Hold not, nor idolize a creature that draws your tears.  Suffer not an excitement that treasures gold, or a deceiver that shames and scolds.  That’s not my way to shame or depress, but in its time my Torah will confess, my face will turn the dye will cast, and I will offer tears of fire just to praise your brokenness.

The dance of intervening time has come, the moon has chased you to my shore.  Stand inside the place of stars, deny the sorrow of inner war.  Redeem your plan of sacred sign, delve in spirit that moves with sight, here in light you breathe your last, not by thought but brokenness.  I am not master if I deceive, I will not judge your unbelief.  I am your G_D that hides my face.  I turn to you and you are mine, and as you pass forever more, from beginning to evermore, we are two in one belief, we began as one infinity.  Breathe my name it’s all I need, just my praise to brokenness.

Scream and cry like bones when shattered, loved and hated when defenses are broken.  Something in your prayer has always set me free.  Funny this association between breathe and freedom, the joy between your loneliness and my eternal plan.  In and out of time we have clung to the last of days, and I have healed your shame.  Here in this private place, while your home grows faint and distant around you, I your G_D will take your grief and I will praise your brokenness. – דָּנִיֵּאל 02/22/2014

4 thoughts on “Praise Your Brokenness

  1. I finally got a chance to start reading again, dear friend. I love this post so much because, like Pema Chodron, the Buddhist nun teaches, we need to become friendly with all parts of ourselves, to truly feel love for our life and journey. I work on that idea each day, and it makes such an enormous difference…compassion for myself and compassion for others. xoxoox When I love my brokenness, I love my entire life, not just the part I like. This makes me fully awake for my journey, and in the present.


    • Thank you Sheila, I too try to keep a balance as well. I find myself sometimes becoming a little to infatuated with the brokenness part, and may be a little prideful in even that 😉 Thank you for traveling on with me my friend!


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