In The Age of Job


Dawn will arrive in the second it takes this tear to leave my eye.  A new day, a timid sun, time approaches from a new direction in the sky.  This pause incessant and hungry, will shame me and I will see youth fade and await this portion of fate its phase to die.  Sometimes a thought, perhaps too many times a grimace, and that fool who said he never looks back has born shame in the lie.  The first beam now, reaching and touching, and I excuse it, for I am not immortal.  The day beginning has torched my canvas, my drawing that makes me cry.

Yesterday saw infinity when dreams spilled like treasure, and finality was a storm, that only old men in their isolation weathered.  Excessive implements were engaged, and I laughed, in colorful sound, for there was no real entity termed rain.  My friends they loved me, for they did not consider that they did not see me.  Major notes I did command for in the house of this earthly overture, there was no minor signature there was no discomfort.  A command I knew, a slight magic, and when I experienced that word, on a high place, the sun in judgment blinded me.

What would it take to bring a blind man to his knees?  Where would the words go if YHWH did not remember me?  A dozen stabs from dark sparks, and those friendships falter, those questions go unanswered.  At sunset in barren fields, some ghost cries for her children and will not comfort me if I do not curse my G_D.  Obscurities know my name and they will not speak, for they fear to taste the sounds of the damned.  What is a daybreak, and dusk without sorrow, but still I will not speak, if it is not in prayer.

You do not sleep with your compassion, subtle kindness is not your forte.  You touch in light and tell me forever you have loved me, it is enough to take for what you replaced.  There is no shadow on this mountain, for it has been decreed.  The seasons they prosper, I see it when I run through sunlight you gift to me.  The breeze you command gives birth to me.  This mortal becomes a wind, and in its wake I breathe in beauty, my YHWH, who treasures and judges me.  Dawn will arrive in the second it takes this tear to leave my eye. – DS 02/16/2014

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