Here now is my story, of how mystery hid the rain.  A change to sun filled seasons where sin no longer is blamed.  Summons now the old way looking for balance in grace and pain.  A forged myth of creed took my faith, and their messiah judged me when I did not bow in his name.  Sapphire of the wonder, radiant rise that kills the shame.  You render compassion in cobalt lightning, and burn me with your flame.  In blindness I am free, so free!

Sender of complexion, gender of stars, genesis that denies the sacrifice of the lamb, honesty of clear candor, that which needs no gateway to kiss the sapphire, I need no sacrifice, I need no cross to find my way back home.  Glorious light that kisses psalms of my dreams, I feel you, in the confusion of indigo, I sleep in nature of what you sing to me, riding still born on your wings!

Sender of strange possibilities, creator of the blue.  Ezekiel sees wheels of vision, I sense them too.  I am no believer in three in one or mystery, I bow to only sapphire his throne in one in majesty.  The tides of lands are shaking, revealing the seal in the sand.  The Knesset of the people, the holding of the land.  A dimming of a story, like a shadow in the shade, the building of reunion, the scabbard shapes the blade!

I think I dreamed of raptors, with crosses in their teeth.  The noise of fallen horsemen, the cries of disbelief.  A light it fell in Gilead, azure it shined in peace.  The truth of imagined prophecy, the ghost of past did speak.  A world released of Esau and Rome and Christian speak.  Void of revolution the words false prophets seek.  In time there came a chariot, it came across the sky, in its wake a throne was seen of sapphire that never dies. – DS 02/10/2014

“And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone; and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness as the appearance of a man upon it above”.  Ezekiel 1:26

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