A Place of Your Own in Solid Bones

A place of your own

A place of your own in solid bones!  That’s all you ask or care for.  Sometimes walking, the crowd intensely around you and yet in purity your alone.  Charlatans and books they don’t affect you.  Those wild eyed men of a false god talking down in linear fashion can’t refresh you.  The games you seek dilute your body, bringing scar tissue to the surface and exaggerate your fear of vanishing.  Tricks upon wonders and bills and tears, what you pray have I built, and how can I expire without dying.  The dance you move to gives way on rocky ground, and you wish sanity no more.

What a creation we have invested in!  A place of our own with no home.  With graciousness we turn to the shadows of disappointment, and with lies in our heart, we pretend to believe.  Our politics are dangerous deceptions that we train as our personal idols and how quickly we laugh when they deceive.  Our communication is shortened and revolutionized to dots and code words with meaningless signs and still in desperate loneliness with the sun going down we can’t even speak.  All we want is a place of our own in solid bones!

Some lust for an androgynous kingdom!  They believe in a unisex home, where instant gratification can drive their temperamental sins away.  They dream of one person in one community holding individual loneliness at bay.  Still, the price of community is indifference, and the shame of inclusion is the loss of creativity in the art of the balance, no one is allowed to be free.  The cost to lose one when there are so many is the charm of the collective still no one has a place of their own in solid bones!

You cannot grieve anymore upon this false shore!  When you cut yourself before you would slice another it is a darkened affection you seek.  Circle yourself, seal your heart unto G-D, deliver your enemy with vigor, and never cede a place of your own in solid bones!  Walk in your beauty by your spirit!  Hear your own heart and count the many stars that angels have designed for you.  In solid bones you were summoned by mystery to this home of your own.  Embrace your loneliness, and fall from Eden, descend from illusion.  Stalk your individuality and resolve your plain of battle.  Your birthright is marrow and a place of your own in solid bones! – DS 01/17/2014

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