The Name


I did not know I fell!


I did not realize the name!


I did not know I was alone, lost in a thunder less sky, turning anointed in a shallow grave.  Tamed empty before a story decrypted before the name.


Highest you depart and wipe the tear that I did not perceive.  Swiftly you fall to cleave to the glass made from sand.  Whatever this death, however this dream in this inhalation, the pulse, the shelter you have burned in wide circles around me.  There in poverty, there in destiny, there in my closet blasphemy speak the cremation that unbinds me.


Discharging letters sounds and judgment syllables beyond your aura I am bequeathed.  Departed from grace, soundless fury, disbelief, before the touch of your judging rain.  I taste the torn sky, ancient shadows torn from the watchers, codex upon the burning wind, glazed syllables that birth the name.



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