Wonder of September


Wonder of September, deep, striking Messiah glistens.  Fallen ice from the ledge where he watches waiting for his ethereal fall.  Strange air, blonde eyes judgment blue she pushes by.  Impatient craving knowledge she leaps.  Molten with banished hope he stands the sacrifice.  Days with lions he waits, by the wheels and machinations of Ezekiel he plays.  Choice of wisdom, paradigm of virtue he turns and faces G-d.  Vessels bound receiving, open eyelids giving he flows, reeling he falls, and beauty is risen.

The moon debases and mixes.  Imperfection has found the alchemy of wishes, he falls and fly’s with major chords of creation between his teeth.  Orchestrated knowledge melds together, with stars that glow, a soul for September immortal eyes that glisten with compassion.  Some things are meant for passion, rain before the snow.  Stranger still as cells are released at earth is the heat as Seraphim sing.  Days of ancient, blood of little kings, archetype of David, blessed of firmament this baby companion brings.

Shattered adjectives beyond description, summoned emanation, choice of colors in lightning he falls.  Across horizons his void, his balance gazes upon him, so cold in ice.  All is equal in September, captured earthward the lower and the upward release.  Concealed union, the moon is darkened, the cradle rocking with strong release.  The veil is spinning grown together, the map of chaos bequeaths this day.  Psalms of liquid, lost charms in strange tongues praising, the birth of wonder has come to pray.

Conjecture comes to witness, and then like a pale familiar it crawls away.  Solitude in wonder, Malkuth spans the kingdom where the child lays.  The esoteric rhythm, tree, and temple sheltered in consent by flesh.  Colorless dominions void of reflection, consciousness gathered by wondrous sight.  Air and existence, deep upon deep filled now with days.  Dancing flesh moving, through a glass now seen clearly, she who left before him now kisses his face.  The wonder of September is born in grace. – DS 12/07/2013

For my son Ryan who is the Wonder of SeptemberDS 12/07/2013

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