Emboldened because it is late and you have captured me!  I am swimming in a lake of soul and blues!  I am drowing in life and the nakedness of you!  I am fallen!

Passion haunts me no more, for to be honest in the moment of you intoxicates me, it sets me free!  Wild blue and brown immortal eyes we have spawned seeds of our life that will never ever die!  Life no more for all is life!  Life no more, for all is eternal and all moves me!

There is no shelter for our love, for shelter is afraid of us!  Higher than ecstasy, born of magic, we are one!  Light incites me no more, for in truth I am blind and my eyes can no longer see!

The Goddess of passion has arrived in her impatient way, her blue eyes flashing her compassion born!  The young Lord with his brown untamed hair has been spawned to set a world free!

Left is right for you and me, to paint pictures to breath higher, we have become belief!  This familiar takes us higher, it told us of us a long time ago!  Emboldened because it is late and you have captured me!


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