The Craft


Magic mesmerizes me.  Spells, enchantments the waving of the foreboding cloaked arms summing what not and where for from the bowels of the earth is of incredible interest to me.  Likewise my amazement and curiosity has reached cat killing levels in studying the miracles in the Tanakh that were performed by the prophets.  Sea’s parting, that little magic rivalry down Egypt way between Moses and Pharaoh’s magicians, and the sun holding still in the sky more hours than it should because Israel needed more daylight to slay its enemies.  Then there was Merlin and Morgana Le Fay, the M & M of white and black magic, the swirling of wands and liturgical like spells in that ancient Celtic tongue, who could not be interested in that?  The Druids, the circles, the whirlwinds, the visions the healings and yes the dragons.

So what happened?  Where is this magic now?  Looking around seems like this place (earth) could use a little spell or two.  Sure there’s plenty of talk, prayers, crystals, yelling screaming charlatans and faith healers, all claiming to be able to have the inside track to wonders and miracles.  I don’t see it making the nightly news.  What happened?  Did the laws of magic change?  Is PBS right?  Does “Ajji Majji la Tarajji” and Abracadabrabelong in myths and fairy tales 101?  Oh say it isn’t so.  Right now PBS we could really use some magic.  Wars, well somebody needs to win them, peace somebody needs to establish it.  Poor, dang it, somebody charm up a little something to deal with the poor.  So what happened?

I was watching a Hammer Dracula flick the other night.  “Drink the Blood of Dracula” if I remember right.  The buxom fair-haired victim has just entered the gothic garden, and looks up to behold the Prince of Darkness himself, also known as Christopher Lee.  Caped and regal Dracula cast his vision upon her and slowly growls one word, “Alice”.  Sweet Alice just about has a conniption fit.  She just throws herself into the Dark Princes embrace.  Later in the same film it happens again, this time to a well endowed red-head.  “Lucy” Dracula hisses, “Sweet Lucy”.  Once again a lot of swooning takes place until the terror makes Lucy, a Lucy no more.  It kind of left me rattled!  Wow all it takes in that darkest of dark magic is one word.  A command, a summons and last but not least a recognition.  It got me to wondering about other commands in dark magic, one word commands.  There was “kill” “damned” “destroy” “forsake” “sinner” ”Jude” ”bitch” “guilty” “bastard” “faggot” “retard”, you get the idea I could go on and on for a while.  It’s like the whole Kings English just slows down to one or two syllables, and were done here, nothing left but wrecked bloody bones littering the whole decrepit landscape we call home.

Now if the Yin equals the Yang and all of creation is equal outside that fourth day when something went a little erratic with the lights, shouldn’t there be something to say about equality of magic.  There are seven days of creation with one minor blip on the fourth day.  Words breathed into the universe of shattering luminosity, beyond comprehension of the mortality we now shroud around us.  Light from one end to the other, sounds of a never-ending origin giving life-giving magic.  Yet, we have a minor flaw on the fourth day, a simple error that creates equality between good and bad, and yet we do not receive that equality.  Somehow Dracula is able to enjoy the blood of a buxom red-head by breathing out “Lucy”, while we cower behind an ancient symbol until she is indeed undead!

Kabbalah teaches that one of the most important names of G-D is Ein Sof meaning “void” “endless” or “infinite”.  Such simplicity that when breathed and lived for day after day brings about a command, a summons and last but not least recognition.  It’s the basis for recognizing other simplicity and magic in our universe.  Becoming familiar with the sounds and words of creation releases self within you to make you shine with more radiance than Merlin on his best day.  Taking the simple words, and sounds filled with one syllable may be two, usually no more than three and applying them as a command, a summons and last but not least a recognition to yourself and then to others is partaking of the same communion of magic that Joseph, Moses, Elisha, Jack O’Kent, Taliesin Europe and Erichtho did.  It is receiving the secret that Merlin wants you to know.

When you come to dwell in the light of white magic, and respect its ability, you will come to realize that the differences in magic, that between black and white is a difference between self and your G_D.  It is equal, because of creation, but your ability to obtain equal footing and equilibrium in this age is at hand.  It is not justice to send you on your journey without sharing some of the syllables and sounds of white magic.  Within the void of eternity take your magic.  Learn your strength from speaking, “love” “still” “peace” “rest” “faith” “honor” “truth” “awe” “ah” “light” “value” “splendid” “majesty” “O” “excellent” “certain” “amazing” “fly” “highest” “blessed” “effortless” “beautiful” “spirit” “free” “shine”……the ancient list goes on and on, you will acquire as you develop.

My belief is someday soon you will find yourself a master of the light craft.  You will command, you will summon and you will recognize.  You are called to be equal it is an ancient calling embedded in “The Craft” where your mind now takes you.  Shalom – DS 11/19/2013

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