In the beginning………

I had an abundance of thought for my first post.  There were words of sage wisdom, philosophical meanderings, snotty logic and yes spiritual wisdom.  I even entertained the notion of doing some slap stick comedy.  Why not show my wit, really impress.  The wise verbiage I read on how to formulate a blog suggested using visual aids, links, videos, and photographs.  All in all most ideas would probably be stellar if used but as I am still unsure of the purpose of my blog I will forgo all above mentioned.

May be a little history on myself will render some logic to the rare reader if not myself on what I need to do here.  A little bit of reasoning about the way that I view the world might assist as well.  My route in reaching solid conclusions most of my life has been to after all write.  The problem though at the moment is what do I have to say?

There are blogs ad nauseam supporting partisan thought that agrees with at least 50% of the political readers.  There is an abundance of writings giving religious advice and commands to those who for whatever reason are unable to obtain a close knit relationship with the supreme being of their choosing.  There are fan blogs, how to blogs, support blogs and enough pet peevish blogs to kill the entire planetary forest for paper if they were to be printed upon the million or so printers it would take.  While this is all no doubt factual and perhaps libelous in nature it does not bring this writer any closer to the purpose or the reason for his blog.  Or does it?

The common thread appears in all that is given above.  Even from my most cynical perch in snooty snootiness at my lofty keyboard something occurs to me.  What all writers want is an answer and to share.  Even the blind that cannot see, can teach and in return learn from the feedback they receive.  So it is then that I have my answer.  I will share about many things I see or have seen in my own blindness.  Some facts, some fiction, some fun and some not.  In the coming days and months I will put out the written word now and then and hope it returns some feedback.  I will learn if it does, I will learn if it does not.

I think it might be interesting to write about the time my grandfather stood for review by General John J. (Black Jack) Pershing.  Other interesting topics might be what it was like to read an original Franklin W. Dixon Hardy Boy book in the early 1970s.  For the romantic I might throw in the story of a first kiss at 16 years of age on the moon touched bluffs of Point Loma, California.  Always one thinking of the family I might throw in a couple of funny kid’s stories to boot.  For the poet may be I’ll analyze a couple of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poems, may be throw in a couple of my own.  I might just wax elegant on what it’s like to drive up hwy 287 from Fort Collins, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming.  Sky’s the limit I tell you.

In the days to come I hope you read what I write and that you comment.  As Rilke said, “I want my grasp of thngs to be true before you”.  I hope you give me ideas and thought.  Most of all I hope you like what I submit and you reach a point as you read or watch that a warm feeling takes you under to a place in your soul of what life has been and can be again.  This world has grown far too hard and cold.  I desperately want to find my eyes filled with spirit again, and I hope this is my way of bringing you along with me. – DS 07/13/2013486831_10201209687470171_909470766_n

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